… huh?

IMG_6858January 5, 2018

Last year I was so broken that I lost a part of myself. It wasn’t until last Fall that I started feeling more like me again. When I first found out I had Lupus I was having severe problems with my memory. I had absolutely no short term memory. I was easily confused, distracted, and fatigued. I slurred my words, and had a hard time communicating. I would leave the stove on, and forget to turn the water faucet off. I failed my Alzheimer’s test. My neurologist had me participate in EEG’s, MRI’s… and visit a neuropsychologist. My neuropsychologist ruled OUT Alzheimer’s (thank you LORD). But I was scared to death!

Besides my migraines, we couldn’t figure out what on earth was wrong with me!

Guess what it was? It was my migraine MEDICATION of all things!

My migraines are so severe that I was having to try different meds to get them under control. At that time he had put me on topamax; a pain medication and anticonvulsant. It’s used to prevent seizures and migraine headaches.

Little did I know that it’s also known as “dope-a-max” by patients. I highly recommend NEVER using it. 🙄 I got off topamax, and my memory came back. It was THEE most amazing thing! But God definitely gave me a glimpse into Alzheimer’s! I couldn’t even drive or do errands!

So, I started adding  certain “brain foods” to my diet. Fish (ick… this was an adjustment). Currently, I usually eat Salmon for the Omega 3s… which is needed for my brain (AND it’s an anti-inflammatory). I very seldom eat meat because it makes me feel nauseated. 😞

Blueberries: I eat a lot of blueberries! They are so amazing for your brain that they are considered a superfood. Actually… I think I’ll go get some now! 😁

Chia seeds. I love them! I keep a glass jar of them on my counter, and enjoy sprinkling them on my Greek yogurt (among other foods).


Another thing I like about Chia seeds is they contain magnesium. My magnesium is always low. My neurologist has me on 500 milligrams a day. So adding chia seeds is an added benefit.

Other brain foods I enjoy are almonds, flaxseeds, Avacados, turmeric, and DARK CHOCOLATE! Oh-Yeah!

I can honestly say adding these foods; among others, is helping my brain fog IMMENSELY! It’s also becoming a habit.

They “say” it takes 28 days for things to become a habit. I disagree when it comes to changing your eating habits. It is a daily choice over a very looooong period. A lot of learning, studying, and adapting. But it’s finally feeling more normal.

For me? I personally am glad the holidays are over. I learned a big lesson where my health is concerned. Don’t change your eating habits just because it’s a holiday or special occasion. Omgosh… it didn’t help my body in the least! 🙄

Here’s to “less” brain fog.

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