Just Breathe

D8CF983D-A9A2-4575-A16F-7CCDC0CDA2DBI have two mottos that I’m striving to live by in 2018. And so far, SO GOOD!! (Although, its only February, lol).

My first motto is:
πŸ’¨”Just breathe”πŸ’¨

When life gets stressful I say my breath prayer, and God gently reminds me that He has control over EVERYTHING. All I have to do is “just breathe” and have faith in Him. 😊❀ Amen? AMEN!

My second motto comes from Mahatma Gandhi, and it is this:

🌱”Live simply so that others may simply live.”🌱

It’s amazing how decluttering my home, and belongings, is actually decluttering my mind!
I no longer want clutter of ANY kind in my life. And while streamlining and simplifying my home, I’m calming my spirit. It feels AAAAAAmazing! I’m all for “living simply so others can simply live.” πŸ’—

No resolutions for this girl. 2018 is for comforting my soul so that I may be a comfort to others.

Do you have any mottos this year? If so, I’d love for you to share them!!!

God bless y’all!
-Coach Su

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