… to the moon and back

Disclaimer: This article may or may not be related to weight gain. Hahahahaha…..

Weight gain and “moon face” are beautiful characteristics of people with Lupus SLE(sarcasm, for those who don’t know me yet). Take it from someone who never had much of a problem keeping her weight under control. I could eat what I wanted… but I was never out of control with food. Today it’s a different story. My weight is up and down quicker than the fastest roller coaster. I’ve noticed that I gain weight at lightening speed when I’m on steroids (which is the majority of the time, unfortunately). Then the few weeks I’m off them… my face starts thinning out, my appetite starts decreasing, and I begin losing some poundage.  But HOLD ON! Then it’s time for another dose of my “Predy” (Prednisone). It’s a merry-go-round of sorts, except I can’t jump off the ride.

So why take it?

Because I choose to have a few “pain-free” days where I’m actually able to enjoy my life. Almost to the point where I can’t remember what pain feels like (I said “almost”). So yeah, I’ll live with the weight gain and moon face so I can laugh, be with my grandkids, and enjoy my life for awhile. So what if I gain weight, have chipmunk cheeks, an increased appetite, and zits! It’s all worth it. “Chuckle”

Or would it be better not to take Predy? To be in so much pain that I’m bedridden? To not be able to move my fingers? To have to walk with a cane? To depend on my hubs to put me in and out of the tub… not to mention having him put my bra on for me everyday. Lets put it this way… it makes me feel like I’m in my 80’s. (Nothing against being in your 80’s… it’s just it’s not my time yet).

But hey… I’d be skinny!

I guess I’ll continue choosing my pain-free fun days! Hey! I’ve always lived life to the fullest, so why stop now? I’ll just be more chubby, that’s all! 😀

So my question was this: Is there a diet specifically for Lupus patients? My Rheumy says, “NO”… she says, “Just eat more fruits and vegetables, and quit eating junk!” Lol, but hey… I can’t live without peanut butter! Or pizza for that matter!

So, not that I don’t believe my Rheumy, but I had to google it, lol.  I found an interesting article on activebeat, where Catherine Roberts suggest 10 Lupus Nutrition Do’s and Don’ts. Are you wondering what they are? I know you’re on the edge of your seat!

Drum roll please!!!!

  1. DON’T: Drink soda! Or for us Mid-West peeps… “Don’t drink pop!” Catherine says in the article that soda causes inflammation and bloating (two things I definitely don’t want). Personally every one of my medications causes bloating and gas! I’m so over farting, thank you very much. I feel like I’m Violet Beauregarde and need to be POPPED. Minus her purple hue. 😉
  2. DO: Drink water. Supposedly it helps push out toxins from my body (Wow, I never heard that before, what a shock) and it can help my sluggish digestive system that many of us lupus sufferers experience. (You think this would help with my farting too?)
  3. DON’T eat red meat. It causes inflammation (lupus’ deadly culprit), and shockingly its high in saturated fat! (sarcasm again; sorry). This is fine with me… I’m having a hard time eating ANY meat right now without gagging. I can’t stand the taste of meat… unless it’s covered in so much sauce that I can’t taste it. Therefore, why eat it at all? OH YAH.. I CAN still handle eating pepperoni on my pizza! 😀
  4. DO: Eat Fish. No thank you. Unless I can count shell-fish… I’ll pass. Ick
  5. DON’T: Eat refined Carbohydrates. In other words, don’t eat your whites! Your white potatoes, white bread, white pasta, processed rice, or packaged snack foods! All I can say to this is WHAAAAAA! :(…      Ok, ok… I’ll try this once again… but I love my Cheetos. 😦
  6. DO: Eat whole foods. Which is easy for me. I like my fruits and veggies. My momma raised me right! Except she also raised me on cookies.
  7. DON’T: Use artificial sweeteners. Easy-peasy for this girl as long as I knock my diet coke out of the ballpark. “So long Diet Coke! You’re OUTTA HERE! 😦
  8. DO: Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods… such as, flax seeds, avocados (yummmmm), walnuts, berries, leafy green veggies, carrots, squash, and lean protein (ick). Easy once again… I love all of it but the meat (and the flax seeds, but that’s for a different reason all together, hahahaha).
  9. DON’T: Eat fast food. I don’t, so no problemo. But McDonalds has the BEST Diet Cokes in the WORLD. (I’m just sayin)
  10. DO: Eat easy to digest foods. She explains in her article that side effects of Lupus is a troublesome digestive system (I think we pretty much covered that). So she suggest soaking walnuts before eating them. She also suggest that soups and fruit smoothies are easy to digest. Which is pretty much why I want to live off soup right now. I could eat it every single day. Especially if it’s Panera soups. Ohhhhh my… NOW I’m hungry.


“Turn away from the fridge Su… just walk away…”


Well that’s it for tonight peeps. This is all I got.

God bless each and every one of you! Have an awesome night, or morning… however you want to look at it. 😀

-Coach Su

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