Is it winter?

So lets see… every morning that you wake up with Lupus, there’s a new obstacle to overcome. I say overcome, because I am a strong believer that one must be a warrior to have this disease. Lupus, along with any other chronic disease is not for the faint of heart. You absolutely have to have the right mindset for this game called Lupus. The object of this game is, “What will happen to my body today? Will it be a good day, or an excruciating one?

“In this world you will have trouble”.

The key is found in Jesus’ next words:

“But take heart! I have overcome the world” John 16:33

In other words, my life will be wonderful when I get to the other side, thank you Jesus!

My question tonight is: “Is it winter?” Well technically it is… but you wouldn’t know it in Michigan right now. It was 51 degrees out today. Maybe that’s cold for some of you, but for us Mid-Westerners it’s the epitome of a beautiful Spring day. I kid you not… I was in Kalamazoo today, and this girl was putting her half top down on her car, she literally drove off with her hair blowing in the wind. There were also kids walking around town in their shorts. So for us? It’s was a WARM Spring day.

Anyway the newest edition to my bod is what you call Raynaud’s, and guess what? It’s often a symptom of… you guessed it! Lupus.

The most common trigger of Raynaud’s is exposure to cold. Another, is stress… and also medications. Well they’re guessing that mine is from stress and possibly the new medications that I JUST STARTED last Monday. Reeeeeally? Lucky me. So let me tell you this, it’s as uncomfortable as it can be. Imagine your fingertips feeling like they are frostbit? In other words, my finger”tips” are FREEZING… and I mean FREEZING! They’re also red. I’m lucky because some people’s turn purple, and others turn completely white. I’m praying mine won’t because it looks terrible! So lets just say for vanity reasons, that I’m hoping I don’t have to “overcome” that too. (And yes… the lord has done a number on my vanity issues… they have all but diminished… I’m at the “who gives a flying whoop” stage).

And for those who don’t know, Raynaud’s is when the body restricts blood flow to the fingertips/fingers. Isn’t that awesome? smh

So, yesterday I got home from visiting hubs in the hospital, and went through every closet we own looking for my gloves. Do I care that I need gloves when it feels like spring out? No, I don’t give a rip. Maybe I’ll start a new trend? I told my sister-n-law that I was going to sew rhinestones on them like Michael Jackson… now THAT’S where its at!

But in all honesty, I can understand why MJ wore his gloves, taped his fingers, and wore a mask. If my fingers start turning purple… I will tape my fingers too. Because it looks awful. And when I’m in the midst of a serious flare I WILL wear a mask. Because it’s better than the alternative… which is catching germs and getting sicker. A cold for me could quickly turn into pneumonia. I kid you not.

Well guess what? I couldn’t find one bloomin pair of gloves. Not one! So regardless of me being so dang tired that it was all I could do to drive myself home without falling asleep… I got in my car ONE MORE TIME (sorry, but I’m fed up with driving) and went to Wally World. SCORE!!! All their winter gloves were on SALE!!! SHOCKER ALERT!!! They had a 3 pack for $1.00… so duh, I bought 2 sets in black (because I obviously lose them). Then they had a white pair that I can text with (very important). I looked at the price tag and they were .57 cents. Not .60 cents BUT .57 CENTS! So I bought the only pair they had left of those. They also had an orange pair for a buck, which of course I had to have because orange is my favorite color. Yay me.

I dragged myself to the checkout where at least 10 people were in front of me with WAY more than 20 items. I’m just sayin. Am I the only one who counts items in peoples carts when I’m a zombie with cold fingers? I think not.

… and I put my gloves on in the car and turned the heat up to 80 degrees.

So that’s all I have tonight peeps!

OK, I lied. I have one more thing. I left my phone charger in hubs inpatient rehabilitation room today. I realized this when my phone died tonight while I was messaging back and forth with a friend of mine who ALSO has a chronic auto-immune disease (Sorry Bev… I’m not ignoring you). Yup… my phone is dead. How do you go thru life without your smartphone? I’m just curious? I guess I’ll have to ask my parents tomorrow.

When I have my phone.

And it’s charged.

Anywhoo… I’m off for tonight or morning, however you look at it.

God Bless ya’ll, XXOO




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