A new kind of fashion statement…

Call me crazy, but after my preteen tom-boy years, I actually became a woman who loved to dress-up. In middle-school, high-school, college, and in my adult-life.

Before heading into my topic today, I have a quick question: Did your high-school have a senior paper? You know, a paper that shares who the seniors voted on for class-nerd, class-bookworm, most popular, the partier, etc.? Well, I got “best dressed” in my class. What an accomplishment (insert laughter). I only put this on here to show you that I’ve always loved fashion. In my early 20’s I was a promotional model in Detroit, Michigan… which I highly enjoyed. And, I’ve been a trendsetter in my clothing style (which I believe my youngest granddaughter inherited from me). I also love skin care, make-up, the latest haircuts, nail polish, jewelry… you name it, I love it.

Although, I have to admit that I’ve always been accustomed to changing into my comfort clothes the second I got home. Into my jeans, sweats, or yoga pants I’d go. But never did I expect that someday I would be too sick to give a rip about what I wear. I mean, I literally could go to the grocery store in my PJ’s for all I care right now; but, I’m thinking that the people in my town probably wouldn’t appreciate that.

Whoever thought that my wardrobe selection would consist of which pair of pajama pants I wanted to wear? And let me just grab one my zillion white t-shirts… hmm… and which sweatshirt? Many times, you’ll find me wearing my winter hats. And depending on my Reynaud’s, you’ll usually see me wearing my knitted gloves. I’m a scarf person too, so I generally I will have a scarf or wrap on to boot! Actually I probably look like Randy (Ralphie’s little brother in The Christmas Story) when his mother zips him into his snowsuit to go out to play! 

People come over and think I’m crazy. They laugh and ask, “What? Are you cold?”

Umm, “Yes. Yes I am.”

So, this has become my new fashion statement 98 percent of the time. But when you’re spending most of your time in bed, or in your lazy-boy… than who cares? Right? Right.

But here’s the deal. I’m looking forward to going into remission, and I believe with all my heart that these injections are going to be my ticket back to health. I can feel it in my bones… my fight is almost over. Of course, I’m living on faith… but I believe it with all my heart. God is showing me how to love and take care of my body, as holistically as possible. I’m learning new healthy habits, I’m taking my needed meds, I’m seeing my Dr.’s regularly and getting my standing bloodwork biweekly. It’s happening!

And once I’m feeling better, I’m dressing better. For my sake (and my husbands, lol). I for one can’t wait! And the best part? My hair is growing back out… and so far, my new meds haven’t made me lose any of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe that people should dress the way they feel most authentic. Because that is what makes them the most beautiful/handsome. When you can create your own image based on who you are, then it’s like a piece of art.

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” Coco Chanel

So, this post is pretty light and fluffy today… but it’s what I had on my mind as I sat here watching TV, and just happened to glance down at my black fleece pajama pants. They are so cute with adorable white sheep dotted all over them (insert eye-roll). Not to mention, reaching for my cup of java, and almost spilling it all over my lap because I’m wearing my soft knitted gloves. Soft is an understatement! They’re so soft that I can’t get a good grip on my mug. Oh-well, my fingertips are freezing, I need them right now.

Ps. I have my fireplace on too. Yes, I live in the Midwest, and yes it’s supposed to be in the high “30’s” this week (and next). I was so excited about Spring and turning around the bend toward some sunshine. But I guess mother nature has other plans for us Midwesterners right now. So, what’s the weather like where you live? And are you wearing your sweats (giggle)?

God bless to all of you! And have a wonderful day or night (depending on where you are located in this mass of a wonderful universe)!

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