Cocktails or Cockatiels?

Cocktails or Cockatiels?

First, a quick update on my health: it’s been a few days since I’ve last written, and it’s been a weird few days. I’ve been feeling out of sorts for the last week. Don’t ask me why? I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve went up to 30 mgs on my chemo injections, or if I’m coming down with something. But, I’m keeping close tabs on it. I have to go to the pain clinic tomorrow, and Thursday I have to go to my regular MD to get my lungs checked, and then off to the hospital so the vampires (phlebotomist) can suck (draw) my blood. I have a big highlight on Friday though, because my middle granddaughter is coming to spend the night with me and Papa! Woot Woot! I can’t wait!

A quick heads up: today was a GREAT day! Because A) I got to spend it resting before all of my Dr. appointments this week (I’m so sick of Dr. Appointments), and B) My husband bought me a gift that I’ve wanted for a very long time! I’m so STOKED! 

But first, let me introduce you to my baby; Fluffy-Georgie:


He is my pride and joy! He is the best cat I’ve ever had in my life. Georgie lays in bed with me when I’m sick (or when I’m just lying in bed, lol), he follows me from room to room  (all day long), And when I’m sitting on my lazy-boy, he is nestled up snug-as-a-bug on my lap. Anyway… you get the point. He’s my bestie. He’s also a predator… a tiny lion!

Now let me introduce you to the newest member of my family; Clarabelle. She’s my Parakeet… and she’s his prey.

(Yes, I should have named this blog post Parakeets or Cleats… but cocktails sound so much better right now). Lol


Isn’t she beautiful? Anyone who follows me on my blog knows how much I adore birds. Spring is my favorite season, and one reason is because of the bird’s that flock back to the Midwest. I love waking up to them singing outside my window. I also love grabbing a hot cup of java and sitting out out on my porch birdwatching.

I understand that some of you would rather have a cocktail than a cockatiel, or a cleat more than a parakeet. But just look at how adorable my babies are! You can’t possibly resist them, can you? Hubs gets an A+ in my book today (well, most days for that matter).

However, I must admit that this afternoon didn’t come without challenges. I’ve been dreaming about having a birdie for so long. I imagined putting her cage on my nightstand before bed and waking up to her chirping in the mornings. I dreamt of carrying her cage to my desk, so we could watch each other while I’m writing. I dreamt of bringing her into our family-room during family time with me, hubs, and the rest of our fur-babies.

Well… hmm… how can I put this? My husband bought my Bella (short for Clarabell) a condo. Yes, you heard right. He bought her a primo condominium for birds. For one bird. For one small bird. Why? Because my hubby is just like me, and when it comes to our animals he wants nothing but the best! But, how can I put this? I can’t carry this cage ANYWHERE! In fact, it’s so big that we couldn’t even figure out where to put it in our house. What a hot mess.

Another hot mess? I’m petrified to go to bed. Why? Because I don’t trust my tiny lion not to scare the bejeezus out of poor Bella on her first night home. All the research I’ve done states to use our handy-dandy spray bottle to teach him (Georgie) not to go near her cage. So far, he’s been an amazing little trooper. He has only gone to her birdcage one time. I felt bad having to spray my poor boy with water, but it worked. He hasn’t been back since… and he’s now snoring next to my leg. I hope he’s not getting a cold… he never snores. Maybe he’s allergic to parakeets?

Anywhoooo… I’m currently glued to my chair. I’m trying to figure out if I want to chance going to bed? Or if I want to try hauling her huge condo into our bedroom? Or if I need to sleep on my Lazy Boy? BTW, I told hubs I’m buying a smaller cage tomorrow. He asked me why? And I explained to him about all the visions I had of carrying my cage everywhere. He laughed at me and shook his head. He said, “And how are you going to get him from one cage into another?” I rolled my eyes and told him that I’m going to TRAIN her. Then I went into my long speech about all the YouTube videos I watched on training parakeets. I said, “Eventually she will step up on my finger, and then eventually she’ll just let me take her out of the cage. And someday, she will fly out of the cage onto my finger.” I smiled hugely.

I don’t think I can explain to you what my husbands facial expression looked like. But it was somewhere between a deer caught in headlights, and him trying not to bust out in laughter. Which makes me want to prove him wrong all the more! In fact, I may become an expert parakeet trainer. Don’t laugh… someday you may see Bella and I on America’s Got Talent. Buahahahaha!

Well, that’s it for me tonight my friends. I need to get back to Drop Dead Diva (a show that is highly addictive… I’m on season 2). I’ve decided to stay at my look-out post (Lazy-Boy), and I’ll be keeping you up to speed on my parakeet training in future blog-post. BTW… I’m going to go get another one tomorrow. Bella needs a friend! And they better make sure it’s a girl… I don’t need any babies. Oh my gosh, Hubs would not be happy… talk about needing a cocktail!

God bless all of you! – Su 

*Note: This blog automatically goes to all of Susan’s Social Media Sites. Therefore, if you would like to leave a comment, please do so on her blog. She does not always use her other social media accounts due to illness. However, all comments on her blog go directly to her. She thanks you in advance, and sends you all blessings and cyber hugs from afar.*



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