It’s that time of year again…

“Never underestimate the power of a woman

With a newspaper,

A map,

And a wallet full of small bills

On a Saturday morning.” – ?

Well, it’s that time of year again! Time to get all the crap out of our house and set up shop for our garage/yard. Momma always said, “One mans trash is another mans treasure”. How many of you were brought up hearing that? And I must admit that I agree with that quote. I remember a time when I had next to nothing and finding things at garage sales that I could clean and fix up for my tiny apartment, meant the world to me. I always found something special. Something that brought back distant memories from years past. Or something I truly needed, but never could afford. It was like winning the lottery!

This year is going to be a tad more stressful for me. As many of my followers know, we have currently moved into our adorable little retirement home… which meant “downsizing”. Personally? We are BEYOND happy to be in our home, and to no longer be renting. The downfall? Our garage is filled to the brim with boxes and totes I need to go through and organize. Yup, my house will most likely be trashed for a long time, while I sort things in piles, and get everything labeled. The thought makes me cringe… I like an orderly home! But, I know it will be well worth it in the end.  The hardest thing for hubs and me, will be getting rid of things that still hold special memories to us. It will be deciphering which things hold the MOST memories, while having enough nerve to put pricing labels on all the others.  Sometimes letting go, can be a very difficult thing. Especially at our age.

When I’m snug as a bug in the comforts of my home, my intentions for battling our god-forsaken garage is doable. That is until I open the door that takes me into our garage. Oh my gosh… I can’t even tell you how packed it is right now! My brother-n-law even came over to make isles for me, so that I was able to get to all our boxes! I will be posting before and after pictures in later blog post, but in the meantime, I wanted to share my strategy with you. It’s one that I used with past clients. Many times, we can’t move forward, until we deal with our present conditions. And even though my client’s issues were much more serious than what I have to deal with… I still need to implement what I preach. So, I’m going to share my dilemma and my solutions in hopes that it might help you also.

My dilemma: I’m not looking at the big picture. Instead, I’m opening my garage door, and slamming it back shut. I turn around and walk back into my cute, “organized”, and comfortable home. I go from room to room figuring out how I’m going to decorate it. What color paints I’ll be painting our rooms, etc. In other words, I dismiss thoughts of my garage altogether. How many times do we do this in life? Things that we don’t want to tackle, we dismiss in hopes of our end results changing? Remember the definition of insanity? Doing the same things over and over, but expecting different results? Is there something in your life that you’re not dealing with? A relationship, a job, a child, your home? What are you turning a blind eye from? And what’s causing you not to face a situation? It amazes me when there’s issues I don’t want to confront, how quickly it is for me to turn a blind eye from it.

Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.” Ecclesiastes 11:4

Plain and simple, if I don’t get my butt moving, then I’ll never harvest. I won’t be able to have my garage/yard sale. I won’t be able to finish organizing my home and garage. I won’t be able to find all the things I’m missing, and I’ll never be able to put my new car in my garage. So YES, I need to focus on the big picture.

Now that I have my why (above), I now need to break it down into feasible steps. I can’t create my to-do list without first looking at my goal. So now that I know that my goal is to have a clean, organized garage and home, I can break my steps down.

  • First, I need to set a deadline. So, I’m going to tentatively set our garage sale date for June 9th and 10th. I say tentatively because my new neighbor; Sharon, said that she wanted to have one too… so I need to coordinate with her. June 9th and 10th will give me 6 weeks/42 days to get my items ready for sale.
  • Next, I have to figure out how I’m going to tackle the mess. When we moved, it was very quickly, and quite disorderly. Therefore, I have quite the disaster on my hands. So, I need to break it down even further into smaller feasible steps.
  1. Walk over to Sharon’s to see if my dates work for her. If not, pick a date that will work.
  2. Write out my ad and stick it into my folder, labeled “garage sale”.
  3. Purchase Ziploc bags for lot items, and labels.
  4. Start saving grocery bags.
  5. Grab 3 Rubbermaid totes and label them. A) Save B) Garage Sale C) Donate
  6. Choose 3 boxes in my garage a day to go through. Put items in appropriate totes.
  7. The items for our garage sale: Wash, clean, and label. Put items in lots that need to be sold together.
  8. Donated items put in the trunk of my car for Good Will.
  9. Things we are keeping: clean, organize, and put away.
  10. Once everything is ready and organized, figure out how I will display it… put like items together, to make shopping easier.
  11. Put ad in paper.
  12. Text brother-n-law, to arrange getting tables and tent.
  13. Make change: Go to bank and get $10’s, $5’s, $1’s, and rolls of change if needed.
  14. The night before, get as much done as possible.
  15. Pray that there is no rain.

Those are my feasible steps. And they make the “Big Picture” more approachable. When we are looking at our goal head-on, it can make it seem impossible. It gives us no room except for procrastination.

  • We need to also remember to allow for things that are out of our control. If we don’t give ourselves extra days to push forward, then we won’t reach our goal in time. This goes for work assignments as well.
  • We need to consider the possibility of getting sick, weather, unexplained incidents that occur, and things that are completely out of our control.
  • By having a goal of 3 boxes a day for 42 days: that equals 126 boxes. Well, I have a lot of boxes, but I don’t have 126 of them. So, this means I have a lot of days I can rest if I need to. And with a chronic illness, I know that’s very important.

Darren Hardy says, “The accomplishment of any goal is the progressive accumulation or compound effect, of small steps taken consistently over time”.

And that’s the truth, isn’t it?

An Example of the compound effect? It’s not what we eat in one day that will allow us to get to our perfect weight, it’s what we eat every day. One bite at a time. If we’re eating 80-90% healthy the majority of our life, we will be healthy and the appropriate weight. My friends father told us once, “You girls and your weight! Don’t you know that if you only ate half of what you’re eating now, you’ll be half your weight next year?” We just sat there in astonishment, lol.

It’s what we do every single day, that allows us to reach our goals. Darren’s book shows you that “the only path to success is through the continuum of mundane, unsexy, unexciting, and sometimes difficult daily disciplines compounded over time”.

It’s not fun, but it get’s you where you want to go. Check out his book, “The Compound Effect”. It’s a must read! In fact, I hope I find my copy out in my garage! Lol

That’s it for tonight, or this morning. However, you want to look at it. It’s time for me to say my prayers, and write my 5 blessings down for the day. God bless each and every one of you! Gentle cyber hugs from afar.

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