This is the Life…

This is the life, I tell you. I’m actually sitting on my porch as I type this. The breeze is perfect! Looking out into my back yard reminds me of why Spring is my favorite season. All of our spring flowers are in full bloom, I have beautiful colored trees to look at, and our grass is the prettiest of green! I’m so blessed to be able to enjoy this today, and thankful I’m not in the defines of my bedroom. Late yesterday I started coming out from under the chemo I had to take Sunday night. I know now that it usually takes me two days to get over the brunt of it. The rest of the week I’m weak but manageable. It sure beats being in extreme pain 7 days out of the week! I’ve been off chemo since watching Jax last, because I ended up getting sick. Right now, I’ve been directed to stop chemo immediately upon getting ill, and I’m not allowed to start it back up again until the “third” day after feeling well. So that happened to fall on Sunday night. Which actually works in my favor, as far as I’m concerned. Because that means that if I do get any of my grandbabies on a Friday or Saturday, I’ll be at my best; hopefully.

It also meant that I wouldn’t be sleeping/sick my entire weekend away. I was worried about that because we were asked to go with my family to our Lodge up north last weekend. Thank goodness for Hubs being able to drive, or I would have declined. Driving is very hard for me sometimes. It’s weird because on my good days, I seem to be able to drive ok. But there are other times that I’m so dizzy that I can’t focus properly. Think back to the days you “may” have driven drunk. If you did? Bad boy. Bad girl. But I have/did. In my era,  I don’t know many people who didn’t. And let me just say those habits died hard. I’m glad that they are so tough on drunk driving now. It pains me to think of the people I could have hurt or killed, due to my ignorance and stupidity! In my day, if a cop stopped you for drunk driving he would make you dump all your beer out in front of him, and he’d send you home. Drinking was the drug of choice in those days… boy, have times changed. BUT BACK TO MY SUBJECT. If you’ve driven drunk… do you remember trying to stay between the lines? And I’m not talking about coloring. I mean… the road lines. Like you actually had to tell yourself not to swerve? Be careful. Veer to the right. Veer to the left. Watch for that stop sign, etc. You get my point, right? Well that’s me on any given day. And I can tell if I’m having one of those days because I can’t focus when I wake up. I hit walls, while walking to my coffee maker. I can’t put one foot in front of the other appropriately, etc. If I wake up like this, I stay home. Well, that’s how I felt Friday (insert eye roll).

For the most part this is something I can live with, because I venture out for my appointments, or occasionally to the store. But most of the time, I’m home sweet home. So, I have no problem canceling an appointment and rescheduling. Lesson here: Don’t drive drunk, and don’t drive if you’re too sick. My other lesson: Lupus affecting my Central Nervous System Sucks. Enough said.

We had a friend watch Harley (Our lab mix), Georgie (Our marmalade cat), Bella (Bird One), and Charlie-girl (Bird two), and we took little Marley (our Pom) with us! It sure feels good leaving our babies behind with someone we can trust. Someone who we know loves our animals. Big shout out to Sebes! They thought it was going to be cold and rainy up north last weekend, but it ended up being beautiful. And although I spent most of my time lying down, or watching TV… I was able to walk out to our big dock overlooking the AuSable River with Momma for a while, until the sun got too hot. The best part was seeing family and listening to their stories. I got to hear about Lindsay’s trip as a chaperone to Washington, and all the museums she was able to visit! I also heard from Meredith about nerd camp, where she gets to meet Author’s and she gets books. I was so jealous, until Lind’s told me that they have an adult nerd camp that isn’t too far from where Hubs and I live. Literally minutes away! So, I have a new dream for next year! Praying I’ll be strong enough to go! I have faith I’ll be in remission by then and have my life back! I was able to talk recipes with Julie, and houses with Lindsay! I love girl-time, don’t you? I don’t get enough of it anymore. Lol.

Which reminds me. One of the topics that came up was cooked tomatoes. In which, my sister-n-law hates, and I love. So, if any of you love roasted tomatoes like me? I want to share my favorite recipe with you. So, when you get done reading this… hop on over to my recipes tab. It is a fantastic recipe, and a great snack for any of you who limits your sugar intake, as I do.  For me, it’s like eating as many pcs of candy as I want! Hahahaha! And for those of you who suffer from chronic pain like me? LIMIT YOUR SUGAR INTAKE. Sugar is absolutely TERRIBLE for inflammation. I understand how hard this is… and there are times I’ll indulge in some chocolate kisses myself. But if I do, I NOW know the importance of getting right back on the healthy train. It’s not about your weight people! It’s about your health. Eat medicinally. It’s taken me 50 years and Lupus, to learn about health. That’s not a good way to learn.

Well, that’s it for today folks, but I’m going to be adding a treat at the end of all my blogpost from here on out. These treats will be tips of any sort or subject. I hope you enjoy them!

Treat of the Day: I spoke of sugar today… so what better way to start our day (or night) than with an essential oil sugar-scrub bath! Oh my, I can’t tell you how much I’ve been enjoying the homemade sugar-scrub my sister-n-law made me! So, I wanted to add a sugar-scrub recipe on here, incase any of you would like to do a little craft project this week! Don’t forget, you need to spoil yourselves people!

You’ll need:

¼ C Granulated Sugar & ½ C Coconut Oil (I use Trader Joe’s).

Essential Oils My preference for morning diffusers, or baths are: Peppermint or Lemon, depending on my mood. I love an array, but these are my two standbys.

Essential Oils My preference for nighttime baths, or diffusers are: Lavender, Chamomile, or Aniseed. Again, I like an array, but these are my standbys.

You’ll want to mix your coconut oil and sugar together. Heat your oil just enough to get it softened and then mix your sugar into it. (you don’t want it so hot that it melts your sugar). Then add drops of oil depending on your liking! I add anywhere from a tsp to 3 tsp. You can also use fresh zest or crumbled herbs to the mix! Mmmm… now I want to go take a hot bath again.

While you’re taking your hot/warm bath, use your sugar-scrub as your last step. That way your skin will be silky soft and smooth when you dry off. Make sure not to do this on the bottom of your feet during bath times (save that for pedicure times). Because it’s a slipping hazard (make sure you clean out the tub afterwards, so your hubs/wife doesn’t slip and fall during his/her showers).

You can also use this scrub as a face exfoliant. Coconut oil is wonderful for your face because it’s a natural moisturizer. It’s also antibacterial, and anti-fungal.  Gently rub the sugar-scrub between the palm of your hands until it softens and dabble it onto your face. Rub it carefully in circular motions, keeping it away from your eyes. Rub it down your neck and onto your chest. Again, use circular motions. When I make my sugar-scrub for my face, I use patchouli essential oil. My husband hates the smell… but I love it. I also love that it promotes cell growth and smooth’s the appearance of lines/wrinkles. It’s also been known to help skin conditions. Look up the benefits of Patchouli when you get some extra time. You’ll be surprised!

If you enjoy making sugar scrubs, you may want to invest into some jars: I would recommend these.

You can wash them out and reuse them. Or you can fill new ones, label them, and give them as a beautiful gift for a loved one. Think “Mother’s Day”.

God bless each and everyone of you! Have a beautiful Wednesday.


Porch Photo by: “Between Naps on the Porch“, May 19, 2015. Check out her site, it’s still going STRONG, and you will absolutely fall in love with it!



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