Making life easier…

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I’m starting something new, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to swing it. It’s something I like to call, “Writing in the Morning”. Many of you may be thinking, “so what”?  But for me it’s a huge deal. Why? Because I’m a night person. “Ding Ding, I can’t sleep!” Maybe I’ll just call myself nightwalker so I sound more mysterious. After all, it is that creepy month called October.

I do have a method for this madness though, and it’s because I’m on a tighter schedule today than usual, I have a lot to accomplish before nightfall. But if I could get in the habit of doing this every day, it would really make my life easier.

There’s a concept, Making Life Easier. (Deeeeeeep breath.) Life is getting way too hectic my friends, and I for one am ready for times to be a changin’…

We’re constantly hearing that we need to slow our roll… we need to enjoy the ride. But are we? How many of you can tell me what you love to do? How many of you can tell me what hobbies you enjoy? How many of you are mothers with young children and are rolling your eyes at me right now?

I’m sorry, seriously, “I get it”. But we can’t keep going through the motions. We need to enjoy our life daily. I understand that things can get in the way with that. I mean, I just got in a car accident last Thursday, not to mention, I had to take one of my fur-babies to the animal hospital (and they kept him for FIVE days).  So, I’m no stranger to “life happening situations”. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on my happy-wheel. Because happiness doesn’t just happen darlin’, we must create it.

  • We need to get our home and office in order. If we’re living and working in chaos … than we’ll never feel peace. Gram used to say that, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. I’m not telling you that cleaning should be more important than living life (Mary/Martha). Of course, God and family need to always come first. What I’m saying is that we need to have daily rituals that keep our lives running more smoothly. ( Eliminating, organizing, and setting up morning and evening routines that will keep our life well-oiled i.e., we’ll be gliding along.
  • We need to remember what our hobbies are. What did we like doing when we were a kid? (If you had an unpleasant childhood, then go back to a time you remember finding happiness.)
  • We need to remember that people can’t make us happy. Only God can. If we’re looking for something from someone, and we’re just not getting it? Than it means we’re not asking God to meet our needs, we’re depending on a human to fill in OUR blanks. Slap that onto a post-it note as a reminder. Slap it on our mirror, the radio in our car, our book as a bookmark, etc. until we “get it”. People can’t make us happy, only God and ourselves are capable of that mission. Note: If you’re thinking that you would be happy if so and so changed? Then quite possibly you’re with the wrong so and so. Accept it, change it, and/or walk away from it. I know it’s hard, but I’m talking from experience. Trust me. 😉
  • If you work from home like me, then learning a routine to keep your work life separate from your personal life is a must. Everyone’s routines are different because no two lives are the same. But think about what you already do every morning and every night. Then think of: What would I have to do in order to make my mornings run more smoothly? Examples: Have my outfit already picked out, have the coffee maker ready, have the dishes already done and put away, pick up before I head out the door, so that when I come home, my place is my little haven instead of more added stress. Think of these things, and add them to your morning and nightly routine. Do them every single day and they will soon become habit.

“Open some space, and Spirit will certainly show up. Allow the magic of self-organization to work for you, and the complex adaptive system that we are will find its own power.”
Harrison Owen, The Power of Spirit: How Organizations Transform 

God Bless each and every one of you! I hope you’re having a fantastic day!


Quick Nugget: Go to your nearest Dollar tree and grab up as many of the shrink-wrap “bags” as you can get (totally can’t remember what they call them, oops). Why? BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY WORK! Holy Cow! I only bought two, because I figured they would probably tear, but they are heavy duty. I put ALL of my summer wardrobe into those two large bags, attached my vacuum to it, turned my vacuum on, and Voila! It shrunk down immensely! I wish I would have grabbed all that they had! Such a fantastic way to store them!

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