My Downhill Slide…

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So, I lost my address book (again). It’s really becoming a yearly jig of mine. I pride myself for being organized. It’s true that it could still be in one of the boxes I haven’t gone through yet. But really? 3 years ago, I blamed it on me being sick & us moving, two years ago I blamed it on being sick & having neurological issues, last year I blamed it AGAIN on being sick & our move (Sigh). So, what can I blame it on this year? It’s GOT to be in a box I haven’t gone through yet. Smh. Or I’m just not as organized as I have always believed. Ouch.

I bet y’all know what my New Year’s Resolution is going to be this year, don’t ya? (insert eye-roll).

So, what leads me to this Brainiac thought process in the first place? I’m writing out my Christmas Cards. And before y’all yell at me that’s it’s too early? I just want to add that A) I still enjoy “all” the other Holidays in-between, B) I strive to have my Xmas Cards done by Nov. 1st, and C) I want to have all my Christmas shopping done by Mid-November. Which then puts me smackdab into the downhill slide!  (And yes, I’m also “that girl” who will watch Christmas movies in July.) I just love Christmas!

Hear me out. Preparing now gives me “eight weeks” instead of the standard “4 weeks” following Thanksgiving. It’s so much easier on my wallet too! Purchasing a little each week now, allows me to thoroughly enjoy my Holiday. “Ho Ho Ho!!!”

Back to my downhill slide…

It’s the best part of the holiday! It’s like the exhilaration I received as a small child when I received a shiny new red sled and tackled the biggest snowy hill I could find! It’s the fun momentum, the BIG RUSH! It’s having the time to make Christmas ornaments with my granddaughters. It’s taking the time to make (and smell) all  the yummy Christmas cookies I’m baking in my kitchen! It’s hanging up all the beautiful Christmas cards we receive. It’s listening to Bing Crosby sing Christmas Carols on my vintage record player!

It’s ESPECIALLY NOT having to step foot into the stores come “December”! Get outta here! Who has the patience for that mad-rush? Not me.

Christmas for me is celebrating my saviors birth all month long. Actually having the time to enjoy my friends and family the entire month!  Not to mention having quiet time to read the newest Christmas novel that peeked my interest, or to watch my favorite Christmas movies while sipping hot chocolate AND marshmallows. It’s just the perfect Christmas scenario when it’s not a big hustle/bustle. Don’t you think?

So yes, I’m sitting at my dinner table, amongst the witch hats, and goblets. My jack-o-lantern’s eyes are flickering at me from outside on our patio, while I’m dotting my I’s and crossing my T’s to this year’s Christmas Cards. Don’t judge me, lol. And, don’t get mad at me if I’m messaging you AGAIN for your address, I’m so sorry in advance! (insert one more eye-roll for habits-sake) 😉

God bless each and every one of you! I pray you’re all enjoying this beautiful night!


A Nugget for tonight: Purchase your X-mas cards, special ornaments, and/or your families traditional Christmas mugs “after” Christmas this year when they’re all on clearance @your favorite online shops! And order your holiday Christmas Stamps now. Kisses! -Su

Some of my favorite stores that you may want to check-out:

Williams Sonoma:

Pottery Barn:


Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments:


Don’t forget to check them again after Christmas when their Clearance Sales begin!



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