Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

Tomboy/feminine, or should I say feminine/tomboy?  That has always been my fashion statement, and I have never followed the trend. I’ve made up my own unique way of dressing myself since I was three. Seriously, I have fought the grind ever since I can remember. Momma likes to say I enjoyed wearing the little dresses she picked out for me when I was tyke, but I beg to differ. I remember all of the temper-tantrums I threw in front of my closet with my Mom, because I wanted to wear jeans or pants, lol. Poor Mom, she wanted a perfect little princess and got more of a disarrayed drama queen. 


Photo Me/at Gramps in Florida (and yep, I was wearing pants. And yep, it WAS in the ‘70s; lol).

But here’s the deal, I love fashion (my own kind of fashion). I’m a creator, and I like different. In high-school I DID get “best dressed” after all. Lol, “See Mom? People can like my taste in fashion, even if I’m not dressing the way you would prefer me to”. I can’t say that I blame her for trying to fit me into that mold. Mom is a lady, 100%. She always looks like a million bucks! However, I on-the-other-hand go from being dressed to the nines one day, to wearing my PJ’s (I should tell you that I work from home, lol) all day the next. I dress wherever my mood (or illness) takes me, therefore I tend to be an on-the-go-woman one day, and a stay-home-and-eat-Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream type of girl the next. And at 50 years of age: “I’m ok with that”. How about you, my loopy friends?

From the movie: Bridget Jones Diary

When I was in my 20’s I was blessed to be a promotional model in Detroit MI, and I loved it. During that time, I also went to school to become a Beauty & Image Consultant, which was a blast. I had a real passion for that back then. But after a while it started feeling superficial to me. I was helping women feel better about their outer appearance, as in color analysis, clothes-type, body-type, makeup, glasses, hair, purses, etc. on and on and on. But in my heart, I knew that the most important part of beauty was the woman’s insides. Her soul, her presence, her being. I didn’t want to just help them with their outer appearance any longer.

I wish at that point I would have just added a course of life-coaching to my repertoire, but I was too young to see the whole package. I was always the entrepreneur, but the full picture just wasn’t there for me yet in my youth. So, I dropped Beauty & Image consultant and went back to school to become certified in Life Coaching. I love helping people get from point A to point Z. I love to help them fill in the gaps, the areas in which they are stunted. I’m passionate about helping them fulfill their destiny.

I had a stint last year where I was feeling really good (for me). I still hadn’t hit the remission mark, but my numbers were better, and I just felt like I had more energy. At that time, I got re-certified as a Beauty/Image consultant. Possibly I’ve finally come full-circle, because now I’m able to help women inside and out; the total pkg.

Last December I ended up getting really sick again, and along with that came a deep depression. Bedridden, in chronic pain, migraines, and vomiting were a daily thing for me. At this point I was begging God to just PLEASE take me home. Obviously, it wasn’t my time. I’m sorry to be so graphic, but this site does have to do with Lupus too. And there is no pretty way to describe Lupus, it’s an ugly disease. There are different degrees/stages/etc. There are people who have Lupus that are in remission… so you’d never realize that they are so sick, and some who are enduring organ failure. There are Lupus patients that have skin issues, and don’t want to leave the house because their rash is so bad (Luckily, I don’t have discoid Lupus, I have SLE… some have both).

“Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Lupus, SLE). A chronic, inflammatory, connective tissue disease that can affect the joints and many organs, including the skin, heart, lungs, kidneys, and nervous system. It can cause many different symptoms; however, not everyone with systemic lupus erythematosus has all of the symptoms.” Systemic Lupus Erythematosus – National Library of…

Above you may have caught that it effects the nervous system? What does that mean exactly? Well, Nev. School of Medicine describes it as: Systemic lupus erythematous (SLE) may affect the nervous system and cause deficits in cognition, specifically affecting memory, abstract thinking and judgment. There may also be psychiatric manifestations in the form of psychosis or delirium, and the former may be caused by the disease or by the corticosteroid treatment. SLE also increases the risk for thromboembolic events, which may result in stroke or seizure.”

Since Lupus attacks my brain (central nervous system), I would like to define it as: My memory sucks. As in, I had a difficult time playing my grandkids memory game with them. Now that’s scary.

With that being said, I assume I’ll be able to get away with as many crazy outfits as I want, because people will just whisper, “Aww… that’s Su… don’t mind her, she’s just plumb lost her mind.”

I went to the dentist two days ago (I’ll be talking about that in an upcoming blogpost) and the girl taking care of me said, “You look so cute!” I looked at my crazy outfit and thought to myself that I’m inches away from  people saying I look cute, to people saying, “She must be heading to crazy town. And, for those of you who are mad at me for using those idioms, please realize that it helps me to joke about it, since I’m struggling with my nervous system, and it’s a fear of mine.

I know I usually talk about our hearts and souls (our insides), but today I’m talking about outside appearances ya’ll. The photos below are obviously not of me, but I’m adding them for visual.


Early 20’s

marlboro girl

(Photo from Etsy.com/ Bing Images)

Yes, in my 20’s one of my promotional jobs was being a Marlboro Girl!!! I want to also mention that they paid darn good, AND I could keep cigarette samples (we gave them away back in the 80’s to ppl over the age of 21, at NASCAR races). During that time, I picked up a bad habit that lasted until this year. Yay! I quit smoking cigs this year! (Shish, better late than never, lol).

Mid 20’s-30’s


(Image from sheknows.com) google images

football mom 1

(Image from littlethings.com) google images

soccer mom

(photo from theodysseyonline.com) google images


Early 40’s


(image from: pinterest.com) google images

40s 1


(photo from bing images)

50’s Examples of how I dress now:

sick in bed

(image from dissolve.com) google images

funky 50s

(image from: canadagoosejacketsmenwomen.com) Bing images


(photo from bing.images)



(image from iireneclose.com) Bing images

Mind you, I don’t have the grey/white hair yet, thank-you-very-much. But it’s a comin! NOTE: the above women are much prettier/thinner/lovlier than me, obviouly… but as far as their clothes style? They are pretty similar to mine throughout the years. I dress differently all the time, and I believe the way we dress is a version of expressing who we are on the inside. Our clothing needs to match our personality. Our clothing should be a reflection of who we are.

Please let me know what clothing style you enjoy? Do you use it as an expression of who you are? Or are you so bogged down with life that you’ve forgotten who you are? Or could you care less how you dress? That was me when I was busy being a momma. Who has time to think of clothing styles, when you’re smack-dab in the front seat of the roller-coaster called motherhood? Except when I was in the office, I was in jeans and tees. Weekends were for sporting events from the time my kids were in 1st grade. I kid you not. My boys were exceptional athletes. And they never had a season off. I think I may have changed that looking back into my crystal ball. Parents, allow your kids to take a break. They need a break. 😉

Love to all of you, and I hope you all have a beautiful day! As usual you are in my prayers. Please comment below and tell how you like to dress. Does it mesh with your personality, or are you feeling the itch to create? 😊

God bless you, -Su

Nugget for today: Go to https://my.liveyourtruth.com/dyt/home/ and take a free dressing your truth quiz. 😊


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