New Guilty Pleasure…

Weird the way my life has changed the past 3 years, and not always in ways I wanted it to. (Insert my Mom’s voice, “Life is what you make it honey”. Which was usually followed with a “yah, but…” from me). Have you been there, done that?

I strongly urge that we remain positive and count our blessings daily. But there are times I can’t stop my eyes from a rollin’ when life is anything but comical.

My guilty pleasure used to be

  • My gym membership
  • Starbucks coffee.

But nowadays a gym membership is the last thing on my mind.  I have some new guilty pleasures, and I thought I’d share a couple with you (I in hope you’ll share some of yours with me). Let me just add that my site is G-rated, AND that the reason I find these “guilty” is because I’m frugal, and anytime I spend money solely on me I feel guilty”. Nuff said.

Presently my favorite guilty pleasure is FMTV Food Matters. Here is the link if you’re interested:  It’s fabulous! An acquaintance of mine told me about it, because she knows I plan to eat mostly vegetarian in 2019, because of my health issues. Anyway, FMTV is the bomb! Not only does it have guided programs, but it has food/health documentaries, recipes, yoga and exercise classes that you can do online, and there’s also interviews you can watch from experts in the health field.

It cost me $9.95 a month (that’s less than my past monthly Starbucks bill), and it’s much healthier! I have new goals this year, and that’s to get healthy enough internally to get OFF some of my medications. To help my kidneys get strong and healthy (it’s not too late for me to strengthen my kidneys, unless my meds add even more damage to them). I also have a goal to decrease my sugar intake. There’s sugar in everything (watch: That Sugar Film if you can locate it) Look at the ingredients before you purchase anything. Sugar is so detrimental to our health, and if you’re like me… you’ve had your fair-share of it  this holiday season! Omgosh… I just finished putting all of our baked goods in the freezer for Hub’s lunches (I froze them, because he rarely eats sweets). As for me? Yesterday I binged-out on all my sister-n-law’s treats she gave us, Mmm! Needless to say, I no longer have cravings, in fact the thought of eating another cookie or piece of fudge turns my stomach right now.

I will be sharing health tips, ideas, recipes, etc with you in 2019… so come back and join me if you’re interested in seeing how I plan to tackle Lupus head on medicinally with food.

Here’s my second guilty pleasure right now: my nails! They usually start out something like this: I like to call this style “The short coffin“. BTW: This is not my hand, nor my nails. I found these snappy photos on images.

coffin nails 1


But here’s the deal, they usually end up looking more like this (in length) way before my two weeks are up!

coffin nails 2

I call this, “long coffin daggers”! These are great for opening mail, but terrible for… umm… well, lets just say they can be bad.

I blame this:

vitamins(love these btw)

These work. Listen, I’ve had to have my thumbnail and my two big-toenails removed because of Lupus. My thumbnail grew all the way back and I haven’t had an issue with it since. My toenails grew halfway back, which allows me to have false toenails put on. Thank you Lord for small blessings! These tasty gummies score an A+!

There’s a reason I’m bringing up this topic tonight. I want all of you to do something for YOU. Why is it so hard for us women to do something we want to do? Why does the guilt radar pop up whenever we think about our wants? I’m not just talking about our goals, but our WANTS. I pray that you’ll spoil yourself a little this coming year (or a lot). Do a craft, learn to paint, start a blog, join a group, DO SOMETHING that you always wanted to try; but never did.  Make the life you want, as Momma always said. Don’t just go through the motions.

Head over to my recipe section to see what I made for my dinner tonight! (Vegan tortillas with fresh guacamole.), And, I’ll share some health benefits for the choices I made tonight. (Recipes will be added on 12/28/19)

PS. I also found a mushroom stroganoff recipe I want to try (FMTV). I’m soaking lentils tonight so that they’ll be ready tomorrow. Stay tuned

For those of you who are ill, in pain, or at a loss tonight, I’m including you in my prayers. May God bless you richly and heal you from the tip of your head, to the bottom of your toes.

As far as the east is from the west, So far has He removed our transgressions from us. Psalm 103:12

God bless each and every one of you!

Coach Su





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