Am I valuable? Why do I feel this way?

Am I valuable?

Of course the answer is YES! “YES! YOU ARE SOOOOOO VALUABLE!” But you can’t just tell a person this and expect that they’re going to have an awakening. If a person doesn’t know their value, then more often than not, their existence is going to have a shadow of unhappiness enveloping it. Imagine if you will, that you’re out taking a long walk on a gorgeous sunny day, and as you glance up at the road ahead, you see your shadow. We’ve all seen our shadow before, correct?

Well, that is a similar analogy to walking around believing you’re on top of the world, yet you still feel a shadow of unhappiness enveloping you. You know that you should be happy, you know that it’s a beautiful day, you know that you have a decent job and great friends… but you just can’t shake this shadow!

In fact this darn shadow follows you around everywhere!

Here are just a couple reason’s people may feel this way:

  • They are so busy living their life 24/7-365, that they are going through the motions. Exp. They get up, they eat breakfast, they exercise, they put long hours in at work, they come home, they watch TV, and they go to bed. Day in… day out. Their life is a re-run. They are no longer finding pleasure in their life, it has become a monotonous routine.
  • Or, possibly they’re living their life as if there is always something better out there. Something that is out of their control. Examples of this could be:  I’m not happy because I don’t have a man, I’m not happy because I don’t have a woman. I’m not happy because I don’t have time for golf. I’m not happy because I can’t afford a new car. I’m not happy because I need to shed weight… on and on and on.

There are many why’s and what-if scenarios that can bring about this constant shadow in our lives. The reason doesn’t matter as much as stepping away from it does. I believe that it’s important that we take some time to relflect a bit, and remind ourselves what our core-values are. When we lose track of what our core-values are, we’re not living in our truth. This can happen to all of us, and at different times in our lives. That’s why it’s important that we all take inventory of our core-values often, and if we are actually aligning ourselves with them.

When we’re not following our truth then we can easily fall into the trap of following society’s norms for our life, instead of our own. In fact, according to Scott Jeffrey in Business Outsider, the number one regret people have on their deathbed is: I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

When I get a new client, one of the first things we (together) get clear on, is what their core values are, because this shows me who they are as a person.  However, there are  times when I ask this question that people look at me like their a deer caught in headlights.  It’s vital we learn what we value because our core values are exactly what we base our life around. If we don’t get them defined, then we’re just walking around in a haze, jumping to other peoples commands, instead of listening to our own inner voice.

(If you need examples of core values? Follow this link for a list of 50 of them.)

To simplify the process, zero-in on 4-5 of your key core values, and then grab yourself a piece of paper and make three columns.

Core values I’m living my core values:  Y or N If N, then why?

Ask yourself if you are aligned with them? If not, then write down all the reasons that you aren’t. It’s crucial that you be honest concerning this. No worries, no one is going to look at your paper… just rip it up/shred it afterwards, lol.

Is it education?

Lack of support  from a spouse/partner?


Low confidence?

Lack of goal-setting?

Etc. List as many things as you can think of. The clearer you are, the more strategically you’ll be able to counter and create a life that is perfect for YOU. After all, you deserve the best life ever! You are worthy of so much more than what you’re allowing yourself to have. God created you to do amazing things!

If you need help in figuring out your core values and aligning them into your life, please book an appointment with me today, or join my upcoming Confidence Workshop in March. as we will be discussing this in more detail.

God bless each and every one of you! You GOT this.

-Coach Su

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.
Ephesians 2:10


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