Welcome to my blog! I have been a Certified Christian Life Coach since 2005, and an advocate against Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault. I’m trying to create a better quality of life for myself and others. This blog is my life, my insight, and my everyday struggles. I find joy in helping others and pray that you will find a nugget in my blog that will help you create a life filled with health, peace, and light.

God bless everyone, you GOT this!


My personal health battle and why I began this blog:

My health: Lately I’ve been sharing with you strategies, ideas, and diverse ways to add to your life with Lupus (or any disease for that matter). For years now I’ve gone to specialist, Drs, and have taken more medicine than I believe a human should take; ever. I come from the typical Western philosophy, which believes(d) that when you’re sick, you go to the Drs, you get medicine, and you get better. So typical for our generation to have easy fixes. I lived as if I was still 20 yrs. old, eating whatever I pleased, dieting because of “weight-gain”, smoking cigarettes (I’ve since quit), etc.

Oh sure, I’d pop my multi-vitamin and call it a day, lol. I’d exercise at the gym, go dancing with my friends at night, and possibly down a cocktail while we were there. I believed as long as I stayed thin and exercised then I was healthy! I’d live off of less than 8 hours of sleep and believed that my brain would still function properly for my 8+ workday. I’d drink coffee like Columbia was fresh out of coffee beans and considered that my daily  H2O intake. Nope, it’s not until that all blows up in your face that you take your health seriously. The old adage, “You don’t know what you got until it’s gone” is true.

It wasn’t until I was in my 40’s that it slowly started blowing up in my face. Thinking that it was just pre-menopause, and that once I got over menopause, I’d be ok, I just went on with my everyday life. But then came the inflammation and severe pain… excruciating pain. I began bumping into walls in the morning, no equilibrium. I’d get sick all the time, and I wouldn’t get over my illness quickly. My migraines intensified and lasted longer. Needless to say, my old tricks quit working. At this point, I was still working full-time, plus volunteering at both church services on Sunday’s, facilitating at the church on Wednesday nights, advocating for Domestic Violence, on call at Sexual Assault Services, Life-Coaching, and going to the gym!

I couldn’t understand why on earth I was getting worse instead of better? When I’d pray about this, I would discern that I needed to slow down, and eat better. This for me meant only going to the gym 3 nights a week instead of 5, and to slow down on my volunteer work. I also skipped my bacon at the restaurant. Big Whip!

When my Rheumatologist told me that I have Lupus, she said she wanted me to go home and let my family know. She wanted to give me a couple weeks to really come to grips with it, and she also gave me handouts on a couple different medications that she wanted me to discuss with my family to figure out which one I would like to try first.

I left there thinking? So, I have Lupus, what do I need to talk to my family about? And just give me the medication you think is best Doc… because I’m busy and have things to do. I’m ready to get my health back. I was in so much pain by now, that I was walking with a cane most days. My memory problems were TERRIBLE, and I just wanted to go back to being ME.

I never did go back to being me. I spent the first year mostly bedridden, with the WORST migraines of my life, throwing up, and gaining weight from steroids and inactivity. Life as I knew it was gone. I don’t think people understand what it’s like to have an active vibrant life, full of friends and fun… to being so sick, and in so much pain that walking to the bathroom was like taking a 10-mile hike. It was AWFUL. New Year’s Eve (2017), I was in such severe pain that my youngest son drove me to the emergency room for steroid shots. At my next Rheumatologist appointment, my Dr. put me on Methotrexate, and slowly but surely, I started feeling better. Slowly but surely, I quit refilling my steroids. And that’s where I’m at now.

Except here’s the kicker. You know how I always say that God allows us our battles in order to learn and grow? And that we never know what that something is, until “after” we’ve been through it? Well, I found a new me. Do I like the new me better? No, but I’m beginning to understand her more, and I’m settling into my new norm.  My goal is for Lupus not to destroy my internal organs, and eventually get off all medications through de-stressing and eating correctly. I believe that my stressful life, go-to attitude, and unhealthy eating habits caused my Lupus.

They say that Lupus is an auto-immune disease. Well, I want to heal my immune system through my food, and new healthy habits. (Go me, lol)

I do have to put a disclaimer on here that I’m not a Dr., and I do things that I believe will benefit “me”, that’s not to say they will benefit you. So pick and choose what you think will work for you. No one knows how to heal you, better than YOU and God. I also want to say that until my pain was under control, a lot of these things I couldn’t do. I could barely walk myself to the bathroom, let alone do yoga. So start small. When it comes to healthy foods? Order them from a grocery store that will deliver them to your house. On a day you’re not feeling too sick, get a chair and pull it up next to your counter and sink. Spend some time prepping your veggies, fruits, quinoa, rice, etc.

A big problem for me is that no one cooked for me, lol. And on the weekend’s hubs would order pizza or throw some processed foods in the microwave. When he went grocery shopping, he’d go to Dollar General and get foods that were easy for him to make. So being that I was too sick to cook for myself, I’d eat chips, or candy, or warmed-up frozen pizza… oh lord. This is the WORST thing you can do for yourself.

So, find a grocery store that delivers. Purchase fresh veggies, fruits, legumes, etc.… Use natural sugars when you absolutely need to sweeten something (honey, agave, molasses, and/or my fave: 100% pure maple syrup). And when you have a day when you’re feeling healthy enough, “sit” at your countertop and prep. This way when you’re bedridden, you can grab (or hubs can grab) something fresh and healing for your body.

Also, you may be too sick to exercise, but you can stretch in bed. You can also grab your handy-dandy phone and find a meditation app, audio book, and please consider purchasing FMTV FOOD MATTERS. It’s WORTH the small monthly bill. It’s like Netflix for health freaks. Trust me on this. I wish I had come across it years ago. Listen to their documentaries, shows, meditations, imageries, etc.… this will help you begin your healing journey.  I recommend starting off by watching Fork over Knives.

I look forward to you following along with me on my journey. I’ll share coaching, recipes, my health progress, my crafts, etc. 

You’ve Got this!


-Coach Su

Susan lives in the Midwest, with her husband, 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 2 little parakeets.