An Undone Something is so much better than a Done Nothing…

I digress, I literally had to walk away from it all to not only reorganize my home and my office; but, also my BRAIN. Why? Because I'm literally brain-fried. I'm not sure if it's from Lupus ("Hello Su, is there anyone in there?) or if it's from too much technology? Between YouTube, FB, Instagram, Twitter, … Continue reading An Undone Something is so much better than a Done Nothing…

A Little Step to Big LOVE…

I’m giggling to myself right now thinking of my high-school years and my first love. C’mon now, most of us had a first-love in high-school. Oh how I thought my heart had broken into a zillion shards the first time he and I broke up. I say the first time, because in high-school, we broke-up, … Continue reading A Little Step to Big LOVE…

Mirror, mirror on the wall

“CLOSE your eyes, SEE for yourself. With your mind’s eye anything is possible, it is where the magic of Ideas, Imagination and Visualization come alive to inspire us to live our dreams or to heal ourselves” -Hazel Butterworth In my coaching business (and in my own personal life), I stress the importance of changing any … Continue reading Mirror, mirror on the wall

Painting lovely gray turning sweet depression!

This is a beautiful read… I hope you enjoy it as much a I do. The beautiful thing about poetry is it means something different to everyone who reads it. This one struck a cord in me.

Something more than nothing

In the eyes the heaviness crumble

Into the direction of darkness

Light is vanishing

Colourful painting is turning black and white

Taking breathe is difficult

No oxygen cylinder has power to give new hopes

Eye’s drying

Mind is fainting

Suddenly the black n white painting

Gets some color, filled the heart

Like a wine red art

Beauty of smile given courage

Mixes more color

Red, blue, green primary mixing

To secondary mixing

Making fine art

Darkness swapped by lightness

Eyes getting some liquid

Dry life getting wet

Turning black and white

To Rose full of colours.

Beautiful world

Like a greyish white pearl

Make it with your will

A peace!!

Without much chaos

Love fermentation in mind

Beautifies the sea shores


String is attached with world

And covered by the softness

Of love of each other

Tenderness grows in magnetic


Utilize with sustainably

For future meets too


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