Mirror, mirror on the wall

“CLOSE your eyes, SEE for yourself. With your mind’s eye anything is possible, it is where the magic of Ideas, Imagination and Visualization come alive to inspire us to live our dreams or to heal ourselves” -Hazel Butterworth In my coaching business (and in my own personal life), I stress the importance of changing any … Continue reading Mirror, mirror on the wall

“She’s such a Pollyanna!”

Have you ever noticed? Have you ever noticed that everything in life worth doing, is difficult? Have you ever noticed that for some of us, our mind automatically drifts to the negative instead of the positive? There are some people who can’t even stand to be around positive people because it’s so foreign to them, … Continue reading “She’s such a Pollyanna!”

New Guilty Pleasure…

Weird the way my life has changed the past 3 years, and not always in ways I wanted it to. (Insert my Mom's voice, "Life is what you make it honey". Which was usually followed with a "yah, but..." from me). Have you been there, done that? I strongly urge that we remain positive and … Continue reading New Guilty Pleasure…

The “WEIGHT” of it all…

I’m having an “I’m sick of it all” weekend…in more ways than one. I’m once again sicker thank sick, and I’m also “sick of” the quality of my life sucking. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. I’m in the habit of counting my blessings and thanking God for all the positives in my life.  I … Continue reading The “WEIGHT” of it all…

… and now this.

… and now this. So, I rested up on Tuesday because I knew my week would be filled with Dr.’s visits. Which have now become a weekly thing for me, I swear. But, I have a couple other things I want to talk about tonight also… so lets just get this out of the way. … Continue reading … and now this.

… to the moon and back

Disclaimer: This article may or may not be related to weight gain. Hahahahaha..... Weight gain and "moon face" are beautiful characteristics of people with Lupus SLE(sarcasm, for those who don't know me yet). Take it from someone who never had much of a problem keeping her weight under control. I could eat what I wanted... but I … Continue reading … to the moon and back

Holistic bliss?

Holistic bliss? I'm not sure? I definitely don't think the people who know me would put me in the "holistic" category. Spiritual? Yes. A child of God? Yes. A lover of the Lord, yes. Holistic? No. But in two days I will actually have lived a half a century. Isn't that amazing? And not only … Continue reading Holistic bliss?