I wanted an old wooden box to put my vintage pitcher and summer flowers in, but I’ve been too ill to go antiquing. So I created my own for $2.00!

You’ll need from DollarTree:


-Faux wood contact paper


I already had hot glue, glue gun, and paint, and twine. So add $4.00 if you don’t have these items. You can get them all at Dollar Tree.

Directions: Cut the Poster Board into the dimensions you’re looking for. Contact paper each of the pieces individually.

NOTE: If I were to do this over again, I would buy 2 pcs of poster board and double or triple up the bottom board, just so it looked like a thicker piece of wood. You could do the same with the sides if you’d like.

Then hot glue gun the pieces together and hot glue rope handles to the ends.

Then dry wipe some paint on it with a paint brush. This really adds to the look.

I love it! I will definitely be decorating with this a lot because it looks so real!


my faux wooden box

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